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This is a very important year for world universities. Many top universities are closing in the UK, and some never thought they would be as good as they are now. Now universities are rethinking their strategies and strategies for the following year because of the UK’s exit from the European Union. This year’s rethinking includes how divisions will be affected by the referendum result. To be fair to the British, they really are losing their glamour. But still, when it comes to US universities, things are looking up. Two of the country’s most appealing universities, Harvard and Stanford, have just overtook UK universities as the top-five most-representative universities in the world. Another, the University of Chicago, has fallen behind, but it remains one of the most respected universities in America. The situation is similar to the UK. While the British have recently lost the No. 1 spot in the UK University Rankings, only one of their former No. 1s remains in the top five. Another, the London Metropolitan University, fell behind financially in 2012 and has since made a U-turn and has therefore emerged as one of the most financially stable universities in the country. The upshot of it all is that, with more and more students opting for online education over on-campus education, the days of the “brain drain” are fading. While the number of UK students going abroad for university studies has risen sharply over the past few years, the number of Americans studying elsewhere has actually increased. Though the US Department of Education reports that there has been a rise of 12 percent in overseas students in the first half of this year, it is unclear whether this is a direct result of the referendum result or the increased popularity of studying abroad. Whatever the case, it is helping both Britain and the US economies. Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has therefore helped London to reassume its prominence as the leading international financial centre. London is also the prime centre for virtual realities, video games and the internet phenomenon that is known as ‘ connected gaming ‘; industry that has benefited greatly from the mobile technology. The benefits of both these countries are that they bring students closer to the action and have also enabled them to study from home – something they could not have done before. This means that rather than spending months travelling to and from the universities, you can now study from home, on your own schedule. More and more universities across the US are also aligning their programs with online learning and providing a more affordable and flexible course structure. This, in turn, means that working adults can continue to pursue their grit and determination to further their education without jeopardising their existing careers. The techniques and strategies for effective online learning have changed quite rapidly over the years. Newer, faster, and more flexible techniques are now being used on a daily basis. This has resulted in the online education sector coming up with new and creative strategies that foster the learning of both part-time tutors and full-time students. The benefits of either are substantially different, but more importantly – because they both work in conjunction with each other, students who arePart-time Studentsoftentimes find it easier to cope with the rigorous schedule and the practice of attending classes throughout the day – not to mention the social side and cultural experiences which are highly relevant to university life and that of your student. How do you know if you IMPACT academic success with your online education program? Well, simply look at what you want your online students to accomplish in their lives: Does their behavior exhibit the type of behaviors that you want them to exhibit? Because online education is such a virtual and invisible world, a lot of things can differ from what’s happening in the “real” world. That’s why looking at your students results in so many different results. Unfortunately, what you see and what you do not see and what you actually do and are will impact your online student’s success in ways you cannot see and must rely on other tools to determine.

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