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How to check if a diamond company is fake or real?

You might be a bit confused while buying a diamond because it will be an expensive investment. What if you buy a diamond, you thought was original, but now you have a doubt it is fake?

Before buying a diamond, whether you are buying it from a diamond company or someone else is selling it to you, just make sure whether it is fake or real.

Quick ways to tell whether the diamond is fake or real:

Here are a few quick ways through which you might be able to know whether the diamond you are buying from the diamond company is fake or real:

1. Look for impurities

A diamond might look perfect, but when you look for it with a magnifying glass, you will find the imperfections. A diamond is never to be an ideal piece of rock. It will have some imperfection in it.

It would help if you looked at it with a magnifying glass. It has to be 10x so you can have a closer look at every single inclusion. If you are looking at a perfect cut diamond and you haven’t been able to find a single imperfection, then there is a possibility that the diamond is not natural.

2. Examine facets

A diamond will have sharp edges because professional uses high-end diamond cutters to give perfect advantages that will shine. The fake diamond doesn’t have sharp edges because people will use molds that typically melt gold and zircon.

So, if you are looking at a diamond with smoother edges, there is a huge possibility that the diamond is fake. There is also a possibility that a glass or zircon might have sharp edges, and it would look like a diamond but look with more concentration and focus on every single side of the diamond.

3. Metal of diamond

It is pretty evident that no one is going to put a diamond in a cheap piece of metal. If you have been able to spot anything in the diamond, then go for the metal test now. You need to check the quality and type of metal in which the diamond has been engraved.

The metal craftsmanship doesn’t look appealing, and you are spot imperfections in the ring metal, then you are guessing it right. The diamond in the metal is not real.

4. Use a sandpaper

This is a bit risky test, but if you already know that the diamond is not real, then you can go for it. You can use regular sandpaper, not with diamond dust on it, on the diamond. Sandpaper won’t do any damage to a real diamond, so you will know whether you are investing in a real diamond or not.

The final words:

Now you know the tricks, so it might have to be a bit easier for you to distinguish between a real and a fake diamond. Don’t get bluffed by the diamond company or anyone else who is selling you a diamond. Just make sure by yourself that you are buying something pure, not just a piece of useless rock.

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